Inventory Disclaimer

469 cycle shop works hard to ensure all of our motorcycles come off of the truck as soon as we get them and a photo is uploaded as received from the initial purchase or trade. Once we take a photo of the machine we will post it on our website or social media.

However the machines that we receive in trade or off of the truck have not gone through service yet. Once we receive them we inspect them and send them through service we may exchange certain parts of the motorcycle or remove Parts as seen in the photo that we initially took. Our goal is to ensure all of our motorcycles are clean, detailed, have been serviced, and have the best equipment available for the next customer to purchase.

We do not want old used Rusty equipment on our machines so we do our best to either replace or remove those items before our machines Hit the Floor. Once they are on the floor they will have been serviced and will be ready for retail sale. So photos may change. Pricing may change. All photos pricing and availability are always subject to change. Any questions comments or concerns please contact us. We are always happy to assist you.

*All mileages shown are based on Kelly Blue Book National average.